New Link Between Periodontal Disease and Erectile Dysfunction


Gum disease makes men twice as likely to have difficulty getting an erection, finds study

Men with gum disease are more than twice as likely to have difficulty getting an erection, according to research. 

Experts say the link works both ways and having either gum disease or erectile dysfunction makes men more likely to develop the other.  

In the first study to be done on European men, scientists at the University of Granada in Spain, say both conditions are linked to the same protein made in the liver.

Gum disease is also thought to be linked to heart disease and the researchers suggest it may affect small blood vessels in the penis first, then larger arteries later.

And the study suggests gum disease is a bigger factor in erectile dysfunction than either diabetes or heart disease. 

Oral health experts say the study suggests the benefits of taking care of your mouth extend beyond avoiding losing teeth, and the mouth affects other parts of the body.

They say brushing your teeth twice a day and visiting the dentist regularly could help men to avoid gum disease and erectile dysfunction as well.

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