The Statement That Demands a Diagnosis

Too often, dental patients come for their 6 month visits, have their bitewing x-rays, and have their teeth cleaned, then they are sent out on their way until the next time. Sometime during the appointment the hygienist might mention that they "need to floss more often." Now to the untrained ear, this might seem like a wonderful caring statement made to encourage the patient to take better care of themselves. If you dig deeper though,  this is a tell tale statement that the patient's gums are not healthy.  If they were healthy, why would they have to floss more? "You need to floss more" is a sure indication that there is some degree of disease present. If you hear these words from your hygienist, you might ask: Are my gums as healthy as they should be? What might be causing my gum problems? If you hear frequently that "you need to floss more," you just might be asking about Perio 360!